The A.M.E. Ministerial Alliance of The Midwest Annual Conference

The object of this Alliance shall be:

1. To bear witness to the Christian truth, and to promulgate the doctrine and teachings of the Christian religion, and to promote fellowship among God’s people.

2. To maintain and further the precious history, self-help concept, denominational fellowship, and structural aims of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

3. To act as an advocate for such things as affect the lives and common welfare of the people and community which we seek to serve, as regards:
        a. Promotion and support of economic development among our people and    other disadvantaged people
        b. To effect a better and higher turnout of voters in all civic elections
        c. To promote local, state, and national legislation which will lead to human rights advancement of the people which we seek to serve

4. To promote and provide for a meaningful and consistent fellowship among and between the A. M. E. ministers, their spouses and families, of the Midwest Annual Conference

5. To promote a strengthening of the relationship and Christian bond between pastors and congregations of our churches

6. To seek fellowship and a meaningful working relationship in civic and religious matters between this Alliance and other Judeo-Christian ecumenical groups within the conference boundaries, particularly those of the Methodist tradition and background

7. To receive, hold, and disburse all funds necessary to accomplish any or all of the above mentioned objectives

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2020 Officers:

Rev. Steve M. Barnes, President

Pastor of Grant Chapel AME Church, Kansas City, KS

Rev. Karla Cooper, 1st Vice President

Pastor of Allen/St. John AME Church, Kansas City, MO

Rev. Carmi V. Woods, 2nd Vice President

Pastor of Ward Chapel/Cain-Grant AME Church, Kansas City, MO

Rev. Dr. V. Gordon Glenn III, Secretary/Webmaster

Pastor of Grant Chapel A.M.E. Church of Wichita, KS

Rev. Patricia Winfrey, Asst. Secretary

Pastor of St. Paul AME Church, Kansas City, KS

Rev. Fannye Forrester, Corresponding Secretary

Associate Minister, Bethel A.M.E. Church, Kansas City, MO

Rev. Viola W. Jones, Treasurer

Pastor of Ebenezer A.M.E. Church, Kansas City, MO

Rev. Mark A. Smith, Financial Secretary

Pastor of Bethel AME Church, Kansas City, MO

Rev. Dr. Brenda J. Hayes, Parliamentarian

Rev. Lucilla Miller, Chaplain

Pastor of Bethel AME Church, Manhattan, KS